Ultrasonic Humidifier Review: A Humidifier You Can Rely On

Meta: In this Ultrasonic humidifier review, we’ll look at why these devices are more enjoyable to use and lower maintenance than evaporative units.

In this Ultrasonic humidifier review, we’ll look at a few high-quality humidifiers, and sort out what makes them unique, how they work, and the features that make them better than the competition. Humidifiers are an ordinary household object, but modern advancements now mean that there are different kinds available.

What Is the Ultrasonic Humidifier?

This Ultrasonic humidifier review would be incomplete if we didn’t first cover what an ultrasonic humidifier was and how it worked. Humidifiers are available in a couple of different types including:

  • ​Ultrasonic
  • ​Evaporative

Most of us are very familiar with evaporative humidifiers, and the difference between these machines and an ultrasonic machine is mostly narrowed down to price, noise made by the device, and how mineral deposits and scale affect the unit.

With an ultrasonic machine, you may not need to change out filters like you would with an evaporative device. Some ultrasonic machines come with a screen that can be switched out after a time, but these are long-lasting and made from ceramic in most cases.

An ultrasonic humidifier uses high-frequency sound waves to turn water into a fine mist that can move on the air. This process is completed very quietly compared to an evaporative unit, but it is not uncommon for these types of devices to cause dust.

The dust that an ultrasonic machine produces is the same as the scale that builds up in an evaporative unit, and the filters can effectively minimize this white or grey dust from appearing around the room. You can also reduce this dust by using demineralized water, but this often means an additional cost.

​Product Specifications

Ultrasonic humidifiers are an excellent option for when you need to humidify the air but are concerned about the noise. There are also some other key features that these units have that can help you decide between ultrasonic and a traditional evaporative unit.

ultrasonic humidifier

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Room Coverage

  • ​Many ultrasonic humidifiers can cover a total of 250 to 500 feet
  • ​Even a small water bottle sized ultrasonic humidifier can humidify 160 square feet
  • ​Units can run for an average of 12-16 hours, or longer
  • ​Choose the direction of the mist


  • ​Different colors and shapes are available
  • ​Some devices have a remote
  • ​Water tanks hold anywhere from 1.5-6 liters, and you can remove it for cleaning
  • ​Control panels feature dials and touch-sensitive buttons

​Changes to Modern Units

  • ​No wicks to replace and units are easy to clean
  • ​Assembly is completed using only your hands, no tools or lengthy number of steps
  • ​Water tanks are easy to fill and reconnect to the base without spilling
  • ​Some units don’t even look like humidifiers and would blend in with the decor



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The cost of an ultrasonic humidifier will likely be more than a traditional evaporative unit, but the design differences more than make up for the price. Evaporative units may be cheaper to start with, but they often need replacement wicks, and specialized cleaners to remove the buildup of scale inside the device.

It’s also worth noting that most evaporative devices don’t last as long as an ultrasonic machine because inevitably scale builds up in a place where it can’t be cleaned, and this can shorten the life of the unit.

Ultrasonic humidifiers typically range in cost from $40 to over $100, but the units on the lower end of this scale are still generally of outstanding quality. To find ultrasonic humidifiers in a range of prices, check out sites like Amazon, Walmart, Target, The Home Depot, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

How It Compares

This Ultrasonic humidifier review would be incomplete if we didn’t look at a few products to see what features are available, and what you can expect in a modern device.

Pure Enrichment Mist Aire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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​Ease of Use

5/5 Stars

​Assembly Time

​4.8/5 Stars 

​Build Quality

​4.7/5 Stars 


5/5 Stars

The Pure Enrichment Mist Aire Ultrasonic Cool Mist humidifier has an attractive teardrop shape and a transparent blue water tank to make checking the water level quick. This device comes with a built-in cleaning brush that stores inside of the machine, and the container can hold up to 1.5 liters of water.

This device also has a mist nozzle that can rotate a full 360 degrees so you can accurately direct where you want the mist to go once it leaves this humidifier. The water tank also has a cap so that once you refill it with water, you don’t have to worry about spilling it when you reconnect the two halves.

The base is also a relatively simple component, and there is only one button that turns the humidifier on and off. There aren’t any other sensors to detect when the room has reached its desired level of humidity, but it does have an automatic shut off feature for when it runs out of water.

This humidifier can run for up to 16 hours on one tank of water which will allow you to sleep through the night without having to refill the machine. There is also a night light feature that creates a soothing glow, and you can turn this on or off to suit your preference. This humidifier runs on AC power and comes with a user manual and a five-year warranty.

​LEVOIT Humidifier

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​Ease of Use

​4.6/5 Stars

​Assembly Time

​4.5/5 Stars

​Build Quality

​4/5 Stars 


5/5 Stars

The Levoit ultrasonic humidifier has an unusually large capacity water tank that can hold 1.5 gallons or 6 liters. This extra-large tank allows this humidifier to run for 36 hours, which far exceeds the average length of operation for most humidifiers. In addition to this, the unit has a humidity sensor that turns the device off when the desired humidity is achieved.

This ultrasonic humidifier can create both warm and cool mist so that users can reap the highest number of health benefits. There is also the option for high, medium, and low levels of mist and a remote control so that you can make adjustments without having to touch the machine.

This ultrasonic humidifier is super quiet, and the LED screen can be turned off at night so that it won’t create unnecessary light. There is also a timer function on this device that shuts off the machine after a specific number of hours.

Like many other humidifiers, this device has an auto-shutoff feature for safety and a two-year warranty, which is also standard. One feature that separates this unit from the rest is the diffuser for essential oils built into the machine. To use essential oils, you place a few drops in the aroma box at the base of the device and enjoy your favorite fragrances as they disperse.

There are also other features that are common with other humidifiers, such as the ability to direct the flow of the mist, and a clear plastic water tank that allows you to keep an eye on the water levels. This humidifier also has unique features that other devices don’t have, such as a heater that kills the bacteria in the water before using it to make warm mist.

The control panel also uses flush buttons on the front for a sleek and modern look, and the device is small enough to fit on a side table. The unit weighs around five pounds when not filled with water, and the company recommends that users fill the reservoir with distilled or filtered water to prevent white dust and bacteria or mold.

Every function on this machine can be adjusted using the remote included with this device. The dimensions of this humidifier are 11 inches by 7 inches by 10.5 inches, which makes it only slightly bigger than competitor products that are far less advanced in functionality.

​TaoTronics TT-AH002 Humidifier

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​Ease of Use

​4.6/5 Stars

​Assembly Time

​4.7/5 Stars 

​Build Quality

​4.7/5 Stars 


5/5 Stars

The TaoTronics ultrasonic humidifier is another super quiet unit that is very reasonably priced and comes with an oversized water tank that can hold 3.5 liters of water. This unit can run for ten hours without needing additional water and can humidify an area that is up to 322 square feet.

This unit also has an auto shut off feature when it runs out of water which is relatively standard for most humidifiers. There are also the traditional nozzles that can rotate 360 degrees so that you can direct the mist where you want it, and the unit is controlled with a single knob located on the front of the device.

This humidifier has a unique shape that isn’t quite square and not quite teardrop-shaped, but it has a transparent water tank so you can easily keep track of how much water is remaining. There is also an LED light that glows red when the water begins to run low. Included with this unit is also a ceramic filter that helps to cut down on dust.

This filter will need to be changed every 4-6 months to keep down the level of dust emitted, and it’s generally recommended that you use distilled, demineralized, or at least filtered water. There is also a non-slip handle that can extend when the water tank needs filling, and it tucks out of the way when not in use.

This humidifier only does cool mist, and it doesn’t accommodate the use of essential oils like other humidifiers. This unit does have a night light feature, and it also comes with a cleaning brush. 

One other detail that makes this device unique is the dual nozzles for directing the flow of mist, and the color options that include the standard blue and silver, and two more unusual color combinations: white and light purple, and brown and faux wood finish.

​Pros and Cons

Before deciding on a humidifier for your home or office, you’ll want to keep in mind the area that you need to humidify and how often you wish to fill the water tank. Many users don’t mind refilling the tub each day, but others welcome the option to fill the tank every other day.

There are other pros and cons to consider before you make a purchase, and our list of pros and cons for ultrasonic humidifiers is below:


  • ​Ultra-quiet when running compared to evaporative humidifiers
  • ​Many have remotes and more advanced control panels
  • ​Some units allow you to set the exact humidity you want
  • ​Users can choose between warm and cool mist; some devices do both
  • ​Doesn’t require filters or wicks
  • ​Dust is minimized by using distilled or filtered water
  • ​No heating element in the product, the mist is produced using high-frequency sound


  • ​More expensive than some evaporative humidifiers
  • ​Discharges dust when using hard water
  • ​The surrounding area will need dusting more often
  • ​Dust created may aggravate certain conditions like asthma



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​Overall Rating:

​​5/5 Stars

With an ultrasonic humidifier, like the one from Levoit, you can expect to pay more upfront for the unit, but you won’t have to clean it as often as an evaporative humidifier, and there typically aren’t filters to replace. 

Many modern ultrasonic humidifiers use a ceramic filter that is easy to replace, and these can virtually eliminate the dust that previous units were known for creating.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are also very quiet and, in many cases, totally silent, which makes them perfect for bedrooms and offices. Many of these units also have the option of a night light, or they have displays that can be turned off, so they don’t disturb your sleep.

Many newer ultrasonic humidifiers also have larger capacity water tanks than evaporative units, which means you won’t have to fill them as often. Some humidifiers come with remotes so you can change the settings without having to get up from your chair. 

Some units will also create both warm and cool mist which is somewhat uncommon in evaporative humidifiers, and the Levoit humidifier on our list is a feature-packed option that we highly recommend.